Sunday, October 16, 2011


These hairstyles are the ultimate winner everytime! You can always do a braid, and your hair will still look sexy!
xoxo Kat

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pretty or Bizare?

Alexander Mcqueen pretty or bizare? Obvioursly he got talent no matter what!

As you all might know, I love high heels and I would like to own one of these. Buuuut I dont think I can even take one single step without breaking something haha.

What do you guys think about his new collection?

xoxo Kat

Rise and shine

Good morning to all you beautiful people :D
Yesterday me and Natasja went to meet up with some of our classmates, and it was pretty cozy. We were both sooo tired, that we went home early to sleep at my place. Natasja is still sleeping, but Im actually pretty fresh.
Ive bought these protein bars from Maxim, so instead of a meal you just eat one of those (they are each like 300 kcal), so I should be able to loose a few kg. during the next few weeks.
Today I think im gonna go to the gym and work out and then get tanned. Dont really feel like during anything; these days I really miss living in CPH and being close to Beee, it sucks to be this far away from eachother. Tonight I have to work from 3 am, man its early :( dont think I will ever get used to warking up that early and go to work, but the hell, its money = more shopping for me :D haha
Have a great day guys ;)

xoxo Kat

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alexander Mcqueen


Thylane Rose Blondeau, she is only 10 years-old and already been on several french Vouge covers. That is amazing! Though she has been criticized alot, I think she is gorgeous, so why not take advantage of that?

What do you guys think about children modeling?

xoxo Kat

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

what I bought today

Shirt from Gina Tricot
2in1 powder and foundation from MAC
Make-up brushes from H&M

Wolverin 2011

Look at my new shoes!
This is the new model from Wolverine, a lot more feminine this year. They are so comfortable to wear, and I think I could climb a mountain with them haha. Okay maybe not, but they are really nice :D I bought mine in Salling for 1200 kr.

Which shoes do you have this winter?

xoxo Kat

In love with colors

Im in looove with colors! They make you look so tanned, and who doesnt want to look tan in the cold winter times. I bought this shirt in H&M for like 80 kr.
What do you guys think about my new shirt?

xoxo Kat


Im so sorry I havent been updating my blogg since july, but I have been sooo busy with school lately; I promise to update it more often from now on.
As mentioned, I just started school again, this time its finance :D I actually like it a lot, and the class is amazing. The only thing is, that I really miss CPH. I dont really feel at home here in Aalborg :( Think Im going to move back this summer.
Now I wanna go shopping for some new clothes :D yaaaaaya. I promise to post some pictures later.

xoxo Kat